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Bring Your Story Into Focus

Based on an innovative model of as-needed public relations, Press Express, LLC is discreet, professional and effective. Press Express, LLC will create and execute media and public relation strategies on a spectrum of as-needed services. From short-term to extended services, Press Express, LLC will meet your professional media needs without the need to on-board additional staff. 




Steve Taylor has decades of experience in public and governmental relations. Taylor has served as a congressional communications director, spokesman for various NGOs and not-for-profits. He has also helped scholars discuss the importance of their work in the public sphere. Having served as a congressional press secretary, lobbyist and elected municipal official, Taylor has extensive experience on the federal, state and local levels. As a former executive director of an NGO and educator, Taylor understands the needs and challenges of community organizations, individuals, educational professionals and researchers as they interface with the public in a complex and fast-paced media environment.

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Press Releases and Traditional Outreach

Outreach to traditional media sources is an important part of public relations strategies. Press Express, LLC is expert in writing press releases, building custom media lists, and following up with outlets. The owner of Press Express has worked in media relations for over two decades and worked for 12 years as a United States Congressional press secretary, communications director and district director.  

If you want to start a dialogue or help shape a narrative, Press Express, LLC can help bring your story into focus.

Press Express, LLC  will help you find column inches and on-air time. And if you need a spokesperson, we can do that too.

Press Express also does media training for individuals and organizations.

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Video Camera Lens

Video Services

You bring your product, story or business. We bring the camera, lights and prompter.  We can also create an original script for you.
Press Express, LLC has access to hundreds of professional music tracks that will help bring a unique quality to your video. And with high definition video and quality post-production you will have a product that can be used to up your social media game.

Press Express, LLC also does news gathering, including community events.

Pocasting And Audio Support

The use of RSS and MP3 files are a great way to message. Whether it is producing a regular podcast or sending audio clips to media outlets, Press Express LLC can help you develop industry standard audio assets or produce them for you. Below is a sample of a podcast done by Press Express, LLC.

Breaking Green is hosted and edited by Steve Taylor of Press Express, LLC.



 "I've worked with Steve Taylor for more than twenty years. 
He has always been smart, highly credible and very professional."

Charles Brennan

Broadcasting Legend and Talk Show Host on the "Voice of St. Louis" KMOX

"Press Express, LLC was respectful of the creative process as well as very responsive and a pleasure to work with. The remediation of sound on archival sources and the production of a trailer was terrific!" 

Cade Bursell
Film Maker and Professor of Cinema SIUC

"As a congressional press secretary, Steve Taylor was always responsive to press requests for information and comments. He was forthcoming and honest. As a result, he garnered respect from reporters."
Jo Mannies
Political Reporter
St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Public Radio

"Press Express, LLC is professional and efficient and understands the workflow of modern public relation professionals."

Laura Holloway 
Communications and Marketing Manager
Missouri Municipal League

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