"Press Express, LLC was respectful of the creative process as well as very responsive and a pleasure to work with. The remediation of sound on archival sources and the production of a trailer was terrific!" 

Cade Bursell

Film Maker and Professor of Cinema SIUC

"I worked with Steve Taylor closely for three years. He brings a rare combination of good judgment, creativity, and integrity to his all of his endeavors. He is a professional from the word go."

Robert Schwarzwalder

Former Senior Speech Writer 

US Department of Health and Human Services

"A great addition to any communications team."

Lauren Ellis

Health Care Policy Expert

Washington DC

"Press Express, LLC is professional and efficient and understands the workflow of modern public relation professionals."

Laura Holloway 

Communications and Marketing Manager

Missouri Municipal League

"If you have a public policy issue and are looking for help with messaging, look no further, Press Express has what you need."

John Wallace 

Shawnee Forest Defense

"Taylor is a great strategist and communicator; a real asset."

Justin Johnson

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Space Policy

"Steve had already done in a few years more than a lot of people accomplish in a lifetime."

Roger Pryor

Coalition for the Environment

Statement  to Post-Dispatch regarding "Award for Leadership" 

"Steve Taylor is the Sully Sullenberger of public relations crisis management."

Kevin Roach 


Ballwin Missouri

"For five years, Taylor has followed gambling legislation, often working alone against an army of gambling industry lobbyists." / "His efforts paid off in May when the legislature reworked the gambling bill to satisfy Taylor's concerns."

Virginia Young

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"As a congressional press secretary, Steve Taylor was always responsive to press requests for information and comments. He was forthcoming and honest. As a result, he garnered respect from reporters."


Jo Mannies

Political Reporter

St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Public Radio


Network interviewing owner of Press Express, Steve Taylor in US Capitol / Rotunda.