Innovative Service 

Based on an innovative model of as-needed public relations, Press Express, LLC is discreet, professional and effective. Press Express, LLC will create and execute media and public relation strategies on a spectrum of as-needed services. From short-term to extended services, Press Express, LLC will meet your professional media needs without the need to on-board additional staff. 

Steve Taylor has decades of experience in public and governmental relations. Taylor has served as a congressional communications director, spokesman for various NGOs and not-for-profits. He has also helped scholars discuss the importance of their work in the public sphere. Having served as a congressional press secretary, lobbyist and elected municipal official, Taylor has extensive experience on the federal, state and local levels. As a former executive director of an NGO and educator, Taylor understands the needs and challenges of community organizations, individuals, educational professionals and researchers as they interface with the public in a complex and fast-paced media environment.

Steve Taylor
Flak Jacket copy.jpeg

In 2012, then defense staffer, Justin Johnson lends flak jacket to press secretary, Steve Taylor.

Johnson would later perform the Duties of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy.